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A stable compound anchor is the key to secure fastening. If you are looking for high-quality products such as assembly mortar, also known as dowel adhesive and liquid dowels, for demanding projects, you will find the ideal solution in our range. Find out more about the versatile applications and advantages of these high-quality products.

What is injection mortar?

Injection mortar, also known as chemical anchors, assembly mortar or composite mortar, is a versatile building material that is widely used in the construction industry
and is used for a variety of applications. Mounting mortar is the perfect choice when it comes to durable and reliable fastenings. Whether in construction or DIY projects, this special mortar ensures a strong bond and long-lasting stability. Easy application and quick curing make assembly mortar the first choice for projects where safety and durability are a priority. Depending on the formulation, reactive resin mortars are suitable for applications in non-cracked concrete, cracked concrete, masonry and for subsequent reinforcement connections

The strengths of injection mortar:

  1. High load capacity : Injection mortars offer impressive load capacity that handles heavy loads with ease. Whether it is the assembly of steel structures, railings or other demanding components, the liquid dowel offers the necessary stability.
  2. Fast curing : Time is money, especially in the construction industry. Assembly mortars are characterized by their rapid curing, which reduces working time and speeds up your construction project. This not only saves you time, but also costs.
  3. Versatility : No matter whether you work in building construction, civil engineering or renovation, composite mortars are extremely versatile. They can easily be used in concrete, masonry and even perforated bricks to create permanent connections. That's why they are often referred to as dowel glue.
  4. Longevity : Injection grout compounds are extremely durable and can withstand the stresses over time. This ensures safety and stability, even in the most demanding construction projects.

CHEMOFAST as your partner when it comes to fastening heavy loads

As your reliable partner in the building materials sector, we offer a wide range of injection mortar products. Our high-quality solutions are developed, produced and tested on-site here in Willich to meet your requirements while meeting the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Our experts are available to help you choose the right injection mortar for your construction project. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Injection mortars are the key to stable and long-lasting fastenings. Our 40 years of experience and our high-quality products will help you successfully implement your building project.

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40 years of experience and expertise

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