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CHEMOFAST® Anchoring GmbH

Injektionsmörtel VK

Injektionsmörtel VK

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Composite mortar for heavy-duty fastenings Fastenings in concrete and masonry

  • Approved (ETA) for:
    • Anchorages in concrete (cracked and non-cracked concrete)
    • For seismic loads (C1)
    • Anchoring in masonry (perforated bricks and solid bricks)
    • Subsequent reinforcement connections
  • Short curing time
  • Installation temperatures down to -10°C possible

The Chemofast VK injection system is a fast-curing compound mortar. The mortar consists of 2 components that are mixed in the static mixer to form a perfectly mixed compound mortar mass and can therefore harden.

The Chemofast VK is available in different packaging solutions. On the one hand in the 300ml tubular film cartridge. This can be processed in commercially available silicone dispensers. If larger quantities of compound mortar are required, the 420ml coaxial cartridge is also available. This must be pressed out with a 2K press-out device.

The Chemofast VK Allround Mortar can be used for fixing anchors in concrete and masonry. When used in perforated bricks, the appropriate sieve sleeve must be used. The product can also be used for subsequent reinforcement connections (rebar).

curing times:

  • underground temperature processing time curing time
    -10°C to -6°C 90 mins 24 hours
    -5°C to -1°C 90 mins 2 p.m
    0°C to 4°C
    45 mins 7 hours
    5°C to 9°C 25 mins 2 hours
    10°C to 19°C 15 minutes 80 mins
    20°C to 29°C 6 mins 45 mins
    30°C to 34°C 4 mins 25 mins
    35°C to 40°C 1.5 mins 20 min
    cartridge temperature +5°C to +40°C

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We are world market leaders and have been working in the development and research of new products for over 30 years. You get a product for your project that was developed, produced and tested in Germany.

Application examples

- Steel structures

- Wooden constructions

- railings

- stairs

- Steel consoles

- awnings

- Canopies

- Gates

- Consoles

- piping

- grid

- Satellite antennas

Assembly instructions

- Drill hole cleaning according to ETA or technical data sheets

- Only the mixer provided for this purpose is to be used

- When using in perforated bricks, please only use the sieve sleeve provided for this purpose

- Curing times must be observed



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