Code of Compliance

A special company philosophy

Mutual trust, predictability, honesty and directness internally and externally are basic principles that are firmly anchored in the Würth Group. You can already find the commitment to these values ​​in the company philosophy written by Reinhold Würth in the 1970s. It is not just a matter of complying with all applicable rules and laws, but also of the corresponding inner attitude of the employees, which is an essential building block for the sustainable corporate success of the Würth Group. And it is precisely this inner attitude that we want to encourage. At the same time, we also demand strict compliance with all applicable national and international rules and laws. In order to make this transparent to both our employees and our customers, suppliers and other business partners, we have drawn up specific rules of conduct based on our corporate values, which we summarize again in the Würth Group's Code of Compliance. The Code of Compliance defines minimum requirements that all employees of the Würth Group worldwide must observe. You must therefore be familiar with the Code of Compliance and be responsible for adhering to the principles contained therein. The management and executives of our companies have a role model function and a special responsibility. Our Code of Compliance is supported by the firm belief of the Würth family, the Supervisory Board of the Foundation, the Advisory Board and the Executive Board of the Würth Group that an active compliance culture is an essential part of our continued sustainable success. Against this background and in the interests of the Würth Group and all employees, we would like to ask you to work towards the implementation of the principles of the Würth Group's Code of Compliance on a daily basis.


Code of Compliance

Die Unternehmenskultur der Würth-Gruppe ist geprägt von gegenseitigem Vertrauen, Berechenbarkeit, Ehrlichkeit und Geradlinigkeit nach innen und außen.


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