Concrete screw guide

What is a concrete screw?

Concrete screws are an indispensable element in the fastening technology of concrete structures. They offer several advantages with their properties. Their installation is particularly easy because the concrete screws only have to be screwed in instead of hammered in. Their versatility and reusability make them a preferred choice for civil engineers and tradesmen looking for an efficient and long-lasting fastening solution. In addition, our concrete screws have extremely high load values ​​thanks to new manufacturing steps.

Areas of application of concrete screws

Concrete screws are mostly used for fastening heavy loads. Based on your approval, you can see in which building materials or under which conditions the concrete screws can be used.
Typical use cases
lüftungsschächte mit chemofast betonschrauben befestigen
Ventilation systems, plumbing & electrical installations
zäune befestigen mit chemofast betonschraube tsm
Fences, steel structures, cable ducts
Geländer mit Chemofast Betonschraube befestigen
Railings, supports, clamps

assembly Instructions

Despite the simple assembly, it is still important that the assembly is carried out correctly. Our concrete screws must be installed in accordance with the ETA. It is therefore always necessary to clean the borehole and use the correct torque. In addition, it must be ensured that the concrete screw is not tightened too tightly.

The different head types of our concrete screws

The different head types of concrete screws offer different advantages, making our concrete screws suitable for a wide range of projects.
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Hexagon head

Suitable for applications where the screw head can rest on the surface of the object being fastened.
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Lens head

Offers an extended support surface. Due to its flatter head profile, tightening requires less effort compared to the hex head.
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Female thread connection

Can be an excellent replacement for drive-in dowels and can be used for ceiling installations
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countersunk head

For flush recessing in the attachment and quick installation with a TX bit.

Differences and similarities between our concrete screws TSM High Performance and TSM-L explained at a glance.