Balcony railing

The anchoring of the balcony railing

The assembly plays an important role when planning a balcony railing. After all, a balcony railing is not only used for visual purposes, but is mainly attached for safety reasons. Balcony railings are statically stressed and have to withstand a variety of loads. Therefore, before installation, a static calculation should always be carried out (taking into account DIN standard 1055) and the building regulations applicable for your state should be observed in order to avoid legal problems.

There are three options for installing a balcony railing:

1. Anchoring of the railing from above onto the balcony slab

2. Fastening to the front of the balcony

3. Assembly from below

With all three fastening variants, it is essential to maintain the minimum distance between the anchors and the edge of the balcony. A chemical anchor such as the CHEMOFAST VK is therefore best suited for anchoring the railing from above onto the balcony slab. With this tension-free or expansion-free anchoring variant, the usable area of ​​the balcony is reduced the least. With this type of anchoring, the cleaned drill hole is filled with injection mortar from the bottom up to 2/3 of the drill hole depth. Finally, insert the anchor rod and let it harden. After curing, the anchor rod forms a solid bond with the substrate. Borehole cleaning is of enormous importance for the viability of the injection system. If the borehole is not cleaned, the load capacity can be reduced by up to 50%. A popular type of installation is attachment to the front of the balcony. No usable space is lost with this type of installation and the edge distances usually allow the use of non-rusting metal dowels (e.g. bolt anchors (CF BA A4 or CF BA PRO A4)). These can be inserted into the cleaned drill hole with just a few hammer blows and can be loaded immediately. The anchoring depth regulated in the approval can be individually adjusted by the installer, thereby maximizing the load-bearing capacity if necessary.

In general: Pay attention to a dowel distance to the edge according to the specifications of the ETA . The anchoring of a balcony railing should be carried out by a professional assembly company, since improper assembly can result in personal injury and damage to property.