An important factor when using our products is the accessories. In the case of injection mortars in particular, these are an indispensable part for safe and correct use in order to guarantee maximum performance. As with our complete product range, we at Chemofast pay attention to the highest quality. We offer you the right dispenser for every cartridge system and with the 7 in 1 tool (manual handling) you have the option of processing almost every cartridge system in our range. An extensive range of accessories is necessary, especially for injection mortars, in order to cover all areas of application. Starting with the drilling equipment (SDS drill, suction cup) through the cleaning equipment (brush, blow-out pump) to the setting accessories (mixer, extension, filling nozzle and perforated sleeves), you can get everything you need for your project from Chemofast.
Of course, we are happy to advise you if you have any questions about which accessories are necessary for your project.