Collection: Concrete screws

Ein breites Anwendungsspektrums sowie die einfache Produktanwendung sind neben der hohen Traglasten Hauptmerkmale unserer Betonschrauben. Zudem sind die Betonschrauben rückstandslos zu demontieren. 

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What are concrete screws

- Concrete screws provide a high quality fastening solution.

- Concrete screws cover a wide range of applications and can convince with a simple product application.

- Concrete screws are available with different screw heads, such as the hexagonal head, countersunk head or pan head in which the concrete screw is available.


- Withstand enormous loads

- Easy attachment

- Residue-free dismantling of the attachment.

- Coverage of seismic loads of categories C1 and C2

- Applications in non-cracked and cracked concrete

Application examples

- Fixing of pipelines

- Fixation of mounting rails, handrail brackets

- Anchoring of shelf uprights in high-bay warehouses.


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