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Of course, we want to provide the best possible support when using our products and offer quick and efficient solutions to questions. That's why we have put together the frequently asked questions about our products in a clear and descriptive manner. We are happy to answer any questions on general, technical or specific topics on this page. If your question is not listed, please feel free to contact our application technology engineers using the contact form or our information hotline.

frequently asked Questions

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Injection mortar, also known as composite mortar, is a synthetic resin-based assembly mortar and consists of two components.

The mortar is packaged in a cartridge and comes with a
Squeeze gun expressed. Do-it-yourselfers can also use injection mortar
able to install resilient extensions such as an awning .

For applications with injection systems, special care must be taken when cleaning the borehole. Please note the relevant information
Assembly Instructions.

Perforated sleeves are used in hollow chambers or perforated bricks.

Perforated stones cannot be used without a perforated sleeve.

Each threaded rod has specific perforated sleeves.

The ratio of the diameters must be observed. The threaded rod M 8 or M 10 requires a perforated sleeve with a diameter of 16 mm, for M 12 and M16 a perforated sleeve with a diameter of 20 mm is suitable.

The perforated sleeves are also available in different lengths.

The mortar is definitely suitable. But the conditions must be met! Anchor diameter, prepare drill hole accordingly, etc.

Please note that modern thermal insulation blocks in particular cannot bear the required loads of large awnings.

Anchoring in the concrete ceiling is recommended here.

REBAR is a subsequent reinforcement connection.

Both in new construction and when renovating existing buildings
This means that new concrete structures can be concreted onto existing ones. Once completed, it functions like a component.

Heavy-duty anchors work on a similar principle to conventional anchors. She
spread out in a hole in the concrete and are thereby clamped
(Friction or force connection).

The biggest difference is that with a heavy-duty dowel there are no deformable plastic parts
used, but a mechanical construction made of metal.

This allows the heavy-duty anchor to have a much greater torque
tighten and can then accommodate very high loads.

Our BA & BA Pro bolt anchors are galvanized. The two variants
BA A4 and BA A4 Pro are made of stainless steel and therefore for outdoor use

Yes.The BA & BA A4 bolt anchors have a European technical rating
Assessment option 7 (uncracked concrete). The BA Pro & BA Pro A4 models have European Technical Assessment Option 1 (uncracked and cracked concrete).

The CF Multi assembly adhesive is perfect for elastic bonding
on all common, even slightly damp, surfaces.

In many cases it is a real alternative to the drill.

Everything from glass, metal, tiles, plaster, concrete, plastic to Styrofoam, cork and PVC can be glued.

Adhesive connections in bodywork, caravans and containers are also included
Application area such as structural bonding of safety glass.

In addition to adhesive applications indoors and outdoors, it is also ideal as a sealant in sanitary areas or for air conditioning systems.

First of all, as much glue as possible should be cut away with a knife.

Then remove the remaining adhesive residue with a mild solvent.

It can be used both for sealing old and for inserting new caravan windows.

This is easily possible. The splint should be clean, dry and free of dust and grease.

If your ceiling is wallpapered or painted, the wallpaper may peel off.

In such cases, a classic dowel application is recommended.

This is possible without any problems.

The rail should be clean, dry, free of dust and grease. Should your ceiling be wallpapered or
If it is painted, the wallpaper may peel off.

In such cases, a classic dowel application is recommended.

SDS plus stands for a special drill shank system, for striking and
rotating drills and hammer drills. With this plug-in system
The drill shaft is provided with special grooves that provide better
Ensure power transmission. In contrast to other plug-in systems
allows the SDS drill shaft to be used quickly and without tools
Changing drills.

Yes. Drills from CHEMOFAST are suitable for drilling in aerated concrete &
Sand-lime brick, reinforced concrete/reinforced concrete, granite & marble and
Masonry and perforated stone. Not for drilling in masonry and perforated brick
drill with impact! When the reinforcement (steel) in the concrete is hit
The force on the hammer drill must be reduced, the drill can
then work your way through the reinforcement. Please note that this
Destroying the reinforcement can have an impact on the statics of the structure
can. If in doubt, please consult a structural engineer.
allows the SDS drill shaft to be used quickly and without tools
Changing drills.

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