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Plastic sieve sleeve for injection mortar.


Our plastic sieve sleeves have been specially designed for use in perforated and hollow bricks. With their precise fit and robust construction, they allow for reliable installation. The sieve sleeves support reliable anchoring and ensure optimal mortar distribution.

  • System component for professional and mortar-saving installation in perforated and hollow bricks
  • For threaded rods M8 - M16
  • Various anchoring depths possible
  • ETA rating / approval in 22 stones
  • Colour: Clear

The sieve sleeve guarantees optimal mold closure and economical mortar consumption. At the same time, the sieve sleeve centers the anchor rod in the drill hole and ensures uniform load distribution.

The close-meshed network structure of the anchor sleeve ensures an even distribution of the mortar over the entire setting depth. Suitable for anchoring in masonry such as solid bricks, perforated and perforated bricks, perforated sand-lime bricks and solid sand-lime bricks as well as porous and lightweight concrete.

The CHEMOFAST sieve sleeve meets the high building law requirements of the European assessment according to ETA 029 for dowels in masonry in conjunction with the CHEMOFAST VK injection mortar system.

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