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Our VK injection mortar - the solution for secure heavy-duty fastenings!


Our plastic sieve sleeves have been specially designed for use in perforated and hollow bricks. With their precise fit and robust construction, they allow for reliable installation. The sieve sleeves support reliable anchoring and ensure optimal mortar distribution.

  • System component for professional and mortar-saving installation in perforated and hollow bricks
  • For threaded rods M8 - M16
  • Various anchoring depths possible
  • ETA rating / approval in 22 stones
  • Colour: Clear

The Chemofast VK injection system is a fast-hardening composite mortar. The mortar consists of 2 components that are mixed in the static mixer to form a perfectly mixed composite mortar and can therefore harden.

The Chemofast VK is available in various packaging solutions. On the one hand in the 300ml tubular film cartridge. This can be processed in commercially available silicone squeezers. If larger quantities of composite mortar are required, the 420ml coaxial cartridge is also available. This must be pressed out with a 2K pressing device.

The Chemofast VK Allround mortar can be used for dowel fastenings in concrete and masonry. When used in perforated bricks, the appropriate sieve sleeve must be used. The product can also be used for subsequent reinforcement connections (rebar).

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- Steel structures

- Wooden constructions

- railings

- stairs

- Steel consoles

- awnings

- Canopies

- Gates

- Consoles

- piping

- grid

- Satellite antennas

- Drill hole cleaning according to ETA or technical data sheets

- Only the mixer provided for this purpose is to be used

- When using in perforated bricks, please only use the sieve sleeve provided for this purpose

- Curing times must be observed

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