Injection mortar VK, 280 ml, peeler cartridge


Injection mortar VK: All-round chemical anchor for concrete, masonry and rebar

The VK composite mortar guarantees a secure and long-lasting fastening of heavy loads in concrete and masonry. Since the VK is approved for cracked and non-cracked concrete, the VK is the right injection mortar for your project in all cases, as around 90% of the concrete in Germany is considered cracked. In addition, its approval for subsequent reinforcement connections (rebar) makes the chemical anchor a real all-rounder when it comes to anchoring heavy loads. The VK is a popular product with our customers, whether they are DIYers or tradesmen, particularly due to its short curing time and compatibility with commercially available silicone dispensing devices.

Our VK is suitable for example for:

  • Canopies
  • Awnings
  • Carports
  • Gerlander
  • Stairs

All of our injection mortars have been developed, produced and tested here in Willich on the Lower Rhine for 40 years. Our products are put through their paces in our own laboratories and in our application technology department, as the quality of our products and the associated safety of our customers is very important to us.

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The VK is for cracked and non-cracked concrete, solid stone
and perforated stone masonry.

- Steel structures

- Wooden constructions

- railings

- stairs

- Steel consoles

- awnings

- Canopies

- Gates

- Consoles

- piping

- grid

- Satellite antennas

The borehole must be created according to the technical data sheet
be cleaned.

The enclosed static mixer must be used.

A preliminary run must be carried out before use in the borehole
become. Only then can
be sure that the two
Components of the mortar mix in the correct proportions.

When used in perforated bricks please only
Use the sieve sleeve provided for this purpose.

Curing times must be taken into account.

The Chemofast VK is available in various packaging solutions. Firstly in the 280 ml peeler cartridge. This can be processed in commercially available silicone squeezers.

What type of cartridge is it and which squeezing gun should you use?

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