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CHEMOFAST® Anchoring GmbH

Injektionsmörtel UM-H

Injektionsmörtel UM-H

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The highest performance bonded mortar for anchoring in concrete

  • Approved (ETA) for:
    • Anchorages in concrete (cracked and non-cracked concrete)
    • For seismic loads (C1 and C2)
    • 100 years service life
    • Subsequent reinforcement connections
  • Proof of suitability for fire
  • Short curing time
  • Approved for hollow drill applications
  • High temperature resistance

The Chemofast UM-H injection system is a fast-curing hybrid composite mortar. The mortar consists of 2 components that are mixed in the static mixer to form a perfectly mixed compound mortar mass and can therefore harden.

The Chemofast UM-H is available in various packaging solutions. On the one hand in the 420ml coaxial cartridge. On the other hand in an 825ml side-by-side cartridge. Both cartridge types must be pressed out with a 2K dispenser. The 825ml cartridge is particularly recommended for subsequent reinforcement connections, since large quantities of mortar have to be processed in a short time.

curing times:

  • concrete temperature
    processing time curing time
    -5°C to -1°C 50 mins 5 hours
    0°C to 4°C
    25 mins 3.5 hrs
    5°C to 9°C 15 minutes 2 hours
    10°C to 14°C 10 mins 1 hour
    15°C to 19°C
    6 mins 40 mins
    20°C to 29°C 3 mins 30 min
    30°C to 40°C 2 mins 30 min
    cartridge temperature +5°C to +40°C
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The essentials in brief


We are world market leaders and have been working in the development and research of new products for over 30 years. You get a product for your project that was developed, produced and tested in Germany.

Application examples

- Heavy steel structures

- silos

- High shelves

- Soundproof walls

- railings

- stairs

- Suspensions of pipelines, cable routes and suspended ceilings

- Temporary attachments, e.g. B. machines

- Scaffolding anchors

Assembly instructions

- Cleaning according to ETA or technical data sheets

- Only the mixer provided for this purpose is to be used

- Curing times must be observed


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