Injection system UM-H

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Injection mortar UM-H: The composite mortar for maximum performance in concrete

If large and heavy loads need to be attached, UM-H injection mortar is the right choice. With its service life of 100 years, the hybrid composite mortar ensures particularly long-lasting, stable fastenings in uncracked and cracked concrete. In addition, the UM-H scores points with its proven suitability for fire and its approval for seismic loads in categories C1 and C2. The approval for use with hollow drills is another reason why the UM-H chemical anchor is indispensable for construction companies.

Examples of construction companies using the UM-H composite mortar:

  • Heavy steel structures
  • Silo systems
  • High shelves
  • Soundproof walls
  • Suspensions of pipes, cable routes and suspended ceilings
  • Temporary fixings, e.g. B. Machines
  • Scaffold anchors

All of our injection mortars have been developed, produced and tested here in Willich for 40 years. Our products are put through their paces in our own laboratories and test centers because the quality of our products and the associated safety of our customers are very important to us.

Convince yourself of the original quality of Chemofast - the inventor of chemical dowels.



    The UM-H is suitable for non-cracked and cracked concrete

    - Heavy steel structures

    - silos

    - High shelves

    - Soundproof walls

    - railings

    - stairs

    - Suspensions of pipelines, cable routes and suspended ceilings

    - Temporary attachments, e.g. B. machines

    - Scaffolding anchors

    The borehole must be created according to the technical data sheet
    be cleaned

    The enclosed static mixer must be used.

    A preliminary run must be carried out before use in the borehole
    become. Only then can
    be sure that the two
    Components of the mortar mix in the correct proportions.

    Curing times is notable.

    The Chemofast UM-H is available in various packaging solutions. Firstly in the 420ml coaxial cartridge. This type of cartridge must be pressed out with a 2K pressing device.

    What type of cartridge is it and which cartridge press should you use?

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