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CHEMOFAST® Anchoring GmbH



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Composite mortar for fastenings in concrete and masonry

  • Approved (ETA) for:
    • Anchorages in concrete (uncracked concrete)
    • Anchoring in masonry (perforated bricks and solid bricks)
    • Short curing time
  • Installation temperatures down to -5°C possible

Our PASF is a fast-curing 2-component composite mortar. With it, all your projects can be implemented in concrete and masonry.

The PASF can be pressed out using a commercially available silicone press. Our static mixers ensure that both components are mixed evenly.

When used in perforated bricks, you must use an appropriate sieve sleeve. But of course you can also get everything from us!

curing times:

underground temperature
processing time curing time
-5°C to -1°C 90 mins 6 hours
0°C to 4°C
45 mins 3 hours
5°C to 9°C
25 mins 2 hours
10°C to 14°C
20 min 100 minutes
15°C to 19°C 15 minutes 80 mins
20°C to 29°C 6 mins 45 mins
30°C to 34°C 4 mins 25 mins
35°C to 40°C 2 mins 20 min
cartridge temperature +5°C to +40°C
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The essentials in brief


We are world market leaders and have been working in the development and research of new products for over 30 years. You get a product for your project that was developed, produced and tested in Germany.

Application examples

- Steel structures

- Wooden constructions

- railings

- awnings

- Canopies

- Gates

- piping

- grid

- Satellite antennas

Assembly instructions

- Drill hole cleaning according to ETA or technical data sheets

- Only the mixer provided for this purpose is to be used

- When using in perforated bricks, please only use the sieve sleeve provided for this purpose

- Curing times must be observed


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You have questions You can reach our engineers on the following number: 02154 81230

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