Injection system PASF

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Our PASF: Injection mortar for fixing heavy loads in the DIY sector

The PASF composite mortar is particularly suitable for attaching heavy objects to walls or ceilings. The short curing times and compatibility with standard silicone dispensing devices make it particularly easy to use at home.

Simple and secure attachment of, for example:

  • Heavy shelves
  • Wall cabinets
  • Hanging chairs
  • Hammocks
  • Curtain rods

The quality of our products and the safety of our customers are part of our standard. As a manufacturer, we naturally see it as our responsibility to supply our customers with a high-quality product and to create a flawless application result. This attitude and the outstanding quality of our products made us part of the Würth Group in 2013.

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    The PASF is for non-cracked concrete as well as solid stone and
    Suitable for perforated stone masonry

    - Railing

    - shelves

    - Grid

    - Satellite antennas

    - Hammocks

    - Wall cupboards

    The borehole must be created according to the technical data sheet

    The enclosed static mixer must be used.

    Cut open the tubular film before use

    A preliminary run must be carried out before use in the borehole
    become. Only then can
    be sure that the two
    Components of the mortar mix in the correct proportions.

    only when used in perforated bricks
    Use the sieve sleeve provided for this purpose

    Curing times must be taken into account

    The PASF can be pressed out using a commercially available silicone press. Our static mixers ensure consistent mixing of both components.

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