Universal anchor

Our VK injection mortar - the solution for secure heavy-duty fastenings!


Our universal dowels are the perfect solution for small fastening tasks. With their versatile application, they offer reliable stability during assembly. Regardless of whether you want to attach shelves, lamps or other objects, our universal dowels ensure a firm connection in almost any material. Thanks to their intelligent design, they enable quick and easy installation and prevent subsequent play in the set holes.

  • 3-fold split expansion body without dowel cap
  • Spreads automatically depending on the building material
  • No turning in the borehole
  • Pre and through mounting
  • Available in diameters 6 - 14mm
  • VARIOUS BUILDING MATERIALS. Holds on almost all surfaces. Ideal for fastenings in concrete, aerated concrete, masonry, wall panels, plasterboard, gypsum fiber boards!
  • SECURE. The universal dowel with a 3-way split dowel body knots or spreads automatically depending on the building material. This ensures secure attachment!
  • RELIABLE. The dowel has rotation locks on the dowel neck and rotating wings on the dowel body. This prevents rotation in the building material
  • Made in Germany

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