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Montagekleber Crystal

Montagekleber Crystal

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Transparent assembly adhesive for invisible bonding

  • Crystal clear formulation
  • Very good adhesion to most surfaces, even slightly damp
  • Insensitive to mould, contains biocide with fungicidal effect
  • Suitable for sanitary applications
  • Free from isocyanates, solvents, halogen and acids
  • Can be painted over with water based paint systems
  • Permanently elastic after hardening
  • HIGH QUALITY & UNIVERSAL - CF Crystal is a high-quality, strongly adhering one-component adhesive and sealant. The adhesive based on MS polymer is highly elastic and suitable for universal use.
  • CRYSTAL CLEAR & INVISIBLE - Perfect for invisible bonding of glass and other transparent materials indoors. Also transparent and elastic bonding in common construction applications possible!
  • VARIOUS MATERIALS - Very good adhesion to porous and non-porous surfaces: common building substrates, glass, treated wood, PVC, plastics, metals, stone or concrete.
  • WATERPROOF & WEATHER-RESISTANT - The adhesive also adheres to slightly damp surfaces and is insensitive to mold. Excellent for joints in bathrooms and kitchens.
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We are world market leaders and have been working in the development and research of new products for over 30 years. You get a product for your project that was developed, produced and tested in Germany.

Application examples

- All occurring bonds and seals, both indoors and outdoors

- Transparent and elastic bonding in common construction applications

- Invisible bonding of glass and other transparent materials indoors

- Joints in bathrooms and kitchens

Assembly instructions

- Clean the surface beforehand

- no primer required

- Also adheres to slightly damp surfaces (but not underwater)

- since air is required for curing, please ensure that air contact is possible when applying

- Skin formation after approx. 4 min (at 20°C and 50% relative humidity)

- Curing time approx. 2-3 mm / 24 h (at 20°C and 50% relative humidity)

- Processing temperature 5°C to 35°C


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