Wedge Anchor BA

For fastenings in non-cracked concrete indoors.


The most important characteristics of bolt anchors are their high tensile strength and their ability to withstand high loads. They can be used for both temporary and permanent fixings, providing a simple and effective solution to various installations.

With the right tools and knowledge, you can easily use them in concrete or other materials.

  • Approved (ETA) for anchoring in non-cracked concrete
  • made of galvanized steel, therefore only approved for indoor use
  • Loadable immediately – no waiting times
  • Time-saving through-hole installation
  • 2 anchoring depths per bolt anchor model
  • for concretes C20/25 to C50/60
  • Minimized drilling and time expenditure
  • Flexible area of ​​application

- metal constructions

- metal profiles

- Consoles

- foot plates

- Support

- Cable routes

- piping

- wooden structures

- Bar

- purlins

- the drilling dust must be removed

- Observe the assembly torque (torque wrench required)

- Like all galvanized heavy-duty anchors, the Chemofast BA vz may only be used under dry interior conditions

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