2K Epoxy Power Glue

For a strong hold on metal, plastic, stone or wood.

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The easy handling makes our 2K epoxy glue an ideal companion for professionals and DIY enthusiasts. The excellent resistance to temperature fluctuations, moisture and chemicals ensures that the connection can withstand even extreme conditions.

  • Base: epoxy resin
  • Color: transparent
  • Contents: 25 ml
  • Mixing ratio: 1:1
  • Processing time: approx. 5min
  • Curing time: 12h

Item number: CF1000200

  • QUICK AND EASY. Quick-hardening, pasty 2-component adhesive. Ideal for quick, highly resilient bonding. Double chamber syringe for easy squeezing of the two adhesive components in the correct mixing ratio.
  • WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS. The 2K adhesive is suitable for connecting a wide variety of materials. Ideal composite material for a wide range of DIY applications. Ideal for visually demanding bonding. For indoor and outdoor use!
  • NUMEROUS MATERIALS. Perfect application in the areas of manufacturing, assembly & repair. Excellent epoxy resin adhesive for bonding porcelain, glass, metal, stone, wood, plastics, concrete, marble, rubber...!
  • HIGH QUALITY. High tensile & impact strength. Excellent peel & shock resistance. Can be sanded and painted over. Rapid hardening after just 5 minutes. Shelf life 15 months!
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor use
  • Suitable for industry/assembly/craft/household/hobby
  • Can be used for bonding porcelain, glass, metal, stone, wood, plastics, concrete, marble, rubber etc
  • Before use, the adhesive surfaces should be clean, dry, free of dust and grease
  • Open the twin syringe and squeeze out until both components come out evenly
  • Clean the opening and apply the included mixer to the syringe
  • Carry out a short dosage test on a suitable test piece
  • Dispense a sufficient amount of adhesive onto the parts to be joined and join the parts to be glued together. Remove residues of the adhesive components and the mixed adhesive with cleaner before the adhesive hardens
  • After use, remove the mixer again, dispose of it and ensure that the adhesive components do not come together at the outlet and then close the twin syringe

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Installation Instructions

Step 1

Open the resealable lid by turning it 90°.

step 2

Screw on one of the two mixing nozzles supplied.

step 3

Squeeze out at least 4cm before use and "discard" it to ensure a perfect mixing ratio and strong hold.

step 4

Apply the 2K Epoxy Power Glue. Remove any remaining adhesive components before the adhesive hardens. After use, remove the mixing nozzle and dispose of it.

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