2020/2021 - The new headquarter

Move to the new administration building. Purchase of new land for production expansion.


2020 - Establishment of the own brand "CHEMOFAST" in Germany

Establishment of the own brand CHEMOFAST in Germany. As part of a
Multi-channel strategy allows CHEMOFAST direct access to its
Products for do-it-yourselfers and craftsmen, planners, structural engineers and major customers.


2020 - Launch of EP 1000

The 2nd generation of the Pure Epoxy System - more powerful and more environmentally friendly. With a 100-year fastening guarantee!


2019 - CHEMOFAST goes West

Opening of the production facility in Lonoke (Arkansas), USA.


2017 - Launch of the UM-H mortar

Presentation of the first mortar based on our own resin development.


2014 - Establishment of the AWT center

In order to meet the high demands of the approval regulations, CHEMOFAST checks the performance of its own products and those of the competition in its own center for application technology.


2013 - Laboratory expansion

When researching new recipes and products, CHEMOFAST relies on the development of its own base resins.


2013 - Joining the Würth Group

The connection of CHEMOFAST to the world market leader in trading with
Mounting and fastening material enables the extension of the
Dowel competence: CHEMOFAST gains access to the powerful
Product portfolio of the Würth Group.


2007 - Commissioning of the new packaging and logistics center

To meet international customer demands and growing
Needs are changing packaging and packaging options
the buildings at Hanns-Martin-Schleyer Str. 16 were expanded.

2005 - Success of internationalization

The CHEMOFAST VK receives the approvals as a high-performance product
(ETA and ICC) for the European and American markets. To the
to take account of progressive internationalization
new packaging and logistics center built. rebranding to
“CHEMOFAST Anchoring GmbH”.


2005 - Start of the joint venture with Henkel

CHEMOFAST, the leader in chemical fasteners enters into a
joint venture with the world market leader in the adhesives sector.

Chemofast_ C-RE 385_rebar

2003 - CHEMOFAST sets new REBAR standards

Introducing C-RE 385. The high performance Pure Epoxy
The cartridge system convinces with its load values. the
High-performance composite mortar can be used universally: preferably for
subsequent reinforcement in concrete. The side-by-side is also new
cartridge system.


2001 - CHEMOFAST on course for growth

With the move to Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Strasse 23, in the commercial area
"Willich-Münchheide II", the company now has more than 4,000
square meters for production, administration, purchasing, research &
Development and stock available.


2001 - Introduction of the 2K cartridge for standard silicone guns

The use of the standard silicone gun is limited to the processing of
Sealants such as silicone, acrylic or adhesives are limited.
Due to their highly viscous content, injection mortars require
complex cartridge systems more stable and specific
squeeze guns. The CHEMOFAST Peeler cartridge now enables the
comfortable use of standard silicone guns.


1998 - First styrene-free injection mortar system

The innovative vinylester resin is characterized on the one hand by its
thermal and mechanical properties, as well as its light weight
and quick processing. The styrene-free versions of the new
Development generation are also low in odor and


1996 - Introduction of the aluminum cartridge

The 380ml aluminum cartridge was the first recyclable and therefore
environmentally friendly alternative for complex chemical attachments of heavy loads


1983 - Foundation of CHEMOFAST

The construction company of the Korte-Jungermann family for facade cladding and
As part of its own technology platform, reorganization is developing the first 2-component dowel system in the cartridge. The patent - the
so-called sliding ring cartridge - revolutionized chemical anchoring technology and lays the foundation for many
advancements across the industry. Since it was founded in 1983, CHEMOFAST has continued to develop its injection mortar systems and has since distinguished itself as a manufacturer and supplier for brand suppliers of assembly and fastening technology.