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PU Foam Cleaner R500

PU Foam Cleaner R500


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Cleaning spray for removing unhardened construction foam from tools and surfaces

  • Removes uncured construction foam from clothing and tools
  • Suitable for immediate cleaning of the inside and outside of the gun
  • Cleaning window frames, sills, doors, jambs, etc. from uncured construction foam
  • EFFECTIVE CLEANING - To clean the foam gun, turn the gun onto the upright PU foam cleaner. Then turn the container and gun into the working position, i.e. turn them upside down and shake them. Press the trigger of the gun until the detergent that comes out no longer contains any foam
  • HIGHLY ACTIVE CLEANER - For removing fresh construction foam for immediate cleaning of the inside and outside of the foam gun after use or cleaning of application areas such as window frames, window sills, doors, posts, etc. of assembly foam during work
  • COMPATIBLE - The NBS adapter is suitable for all commercially available foam guns and enables universal use of the assembly gun cleaner
  • MORE APPLICATIONS - Safe removal of fresh PU foam and PU adhesives on foam guns, can valves, external surface finishes or clothing. Degreasing of steel surfaces before applying silicones and polyurethanes
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Quality and safety are our top priority. That is why we regularly check our products
Heart and kidneys - and has been for almost 40 years.

Application examples

- For removing uncured construction foam from clothing and tools

- Immediate cleaning of the foam gun inside and outside after use

- Cleaning of window frames, window sills, doors, jambs, etc.

Assembly instructions

- Use the spray nozzle on the container to remove foam from clothing and surfaces

- To clean the inside of the foam gun, connect the container to the gun. To do this, hold the pistol grip with one hand and rotate the upright container with the other

- Do not point the pistol at other people

- Only after screwing the can upside down together with the pistol

- Shake the can and clean the gun by pressing the trigger

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