All Seal Spray

Bitumen-free spray plastic for sealing and sealing.

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No more unwanted leaks, holes or leaks! With the “Everything Seal Spray” you can seal everything quickly and easily. Whether it's cracks in pipes, leaky windows or porous surfaces, this spray offers a reliable solution.

The “Alles Dicht Spray” forms a flexible and waterproof protective layer that delivers quick results. Simply apply the spray to the affected area and let it dry. It sticks to a wide variety of materials such as metal, plastic, wood and much more.

  • Base: rubber resin
  • Color gray
  • Contents: 400 ml
  • Drying time: 2-4 hours
  • Curing time: 12-24 hours
  • Processing temperature: +15°C - +25°C
  • can be painted over
  • high abrasion resistance
  • quick drying
  • Suitable for all common surfaces
  • good aging resistance & permanent elasticity
  • Adhesive to many surfaces
  • Durable for 24 months

Item number: CF1000199

  • STRONG PROTECTION IN A CAN. Bitumen-free universal sealing spray based on rubber resin. After the coating has dried, the result is an adhesive, elastic protective coating that can withstand the highest atmospheric and mechanical stresses (e.g. stone chips)!
  • SEALING – SEALING – COATING. Ideal spray plastic suitable for gutters, sewage & drain pipes, caravans & boats, roofs & windows, pool walls & pond liners, cellars & ventilation shafts. Coatings on bodywork and vehicle underbody!
  • POWERFUL AND STRONG ADHESIVE. The liquid plastic adheres to almost all surfaces such as stone, metal, plastic, wood, enamel. The everything sealing spray is waterproof, weather and temperature resistant. Good sound insulation. Can be used indoors and outdoors!
  • EASY TO USE. Shake the sealing spray vigorously before each use and spray the area to be treated thinly in 2-3 cross coats. Completely dry after 2-4 hours and can be painted over!

- Sealing small cracks indoors and outdoors, such as gutters, sewage and drain pipes, caravans and boats, roofs and windows, pool walls and pond liners, basement or ventilation shafts

- for post-treatment of hard-to-reach areas

- Repair of coating on vehicle underbodies

- Coating the insides of doors, trunk lids, etc. to eliminate droning noise

- The substrate should be dry, dust-free and rust-free

- Loose parts should be removed to avoid rusting underneath

- Bring the can to room temperature and shake vigorously (at least 2 minutes from the audible impact of the mixing ball)

- Spray the surface to be treated thinly in 2-3 cross coats and allow to dry briefly

- The optimal spray distance is about 30cm

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Easy sealing in a wide range of applications

Home & Garden

Gutters, sewage and drain pipes, roofs and windows, cellar shafts and ventilation shafts

Caravan & Caravan

Repairs to motorhomes and caravans. Protects metals from corrosion.


Sealing small cracks in and on the boat as well as on pool walls or pond liners.

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