Collection: Installation foams

Regardless of whether your application involves filling, sealing or insulating work. With our foams you achieve high sound and heat insulation properties. All construction foams are water, heat and rot resistant


Construction foam can be used for many projects. We explain the differences and which foam is best for you.



What is mounting foam?

Mounting foam can be used for filling, sealing or insulating work.

What is the difference between 1K and 2K

One-component foam (1K) is moisture-curing and requires humidity to harden. The expansion is significantly higher than the 2K.

Two-component foam (2K) does not require any humidity for curing and the foam expands significantly less.

Guns or mounting foam?

The pistol has the advantage of exact dosing but is associated with a higher cleaning effort after your work. If you work with foam more often, we recommend a pistol.


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