Vinylester resins

styrene free

Classic vinyl ester resins and the 2-component injection mortars made from them combine the good thermal and mechanical properties of epoxy resins with the easy and quick processability of unsaturated polyester resins. These vinyl ester resins of the newer development generation are styrene-free, whereby dimethacrylates are used as reactive solvents. The vinyl ester resins and the reaction resin mortars made from them are characterized, among other things, by a very high chemical resistance, especially in alkaline media.
  • Basis: vinyl ester resin, styrene-free
  • Styrene Free: Dimethacrylates are used as reaction solvents
  • Performance: very high
  • Can also be used for damp and water-filled boreholes
  • Very good mechanical and thermal properties
  • Very high chemical resistance
  • Usable in aggressive environments
  • Low odor formation
  • Also available as a special tropical and winter formulation
  • Suitable for seismic actions of requirement level C1
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