Side-by-side cartridge

This type of cartridge consists of two cylindrical tubes arranged side-by-side, connected to each other and ending in a coaxially designed head piece ("tube-in-tube design"). Component A (A-tube) is in one tube and component B (B-tube) in the second tube; both tubes are closed with respective pistons.

The 2-component cartridge is squeezed out with a special squeeze gun using a static spiral mixer. This special dispensing gun, the dimensions of which are matched to the diameter and volume of the 2-component cartridge, has a linkage that is matched to the parallel, "side-by-side" arrangement of the A and B tubes of the cartridge the ends of which are each thrust plates.

During the squeezing process, the gun rods are pushed in the axial direction simultaneously into both the A and B tubes, whereby the components A and B in the tubes are simultaneously conveyed out of the cartridge and mixed homogeneously by the static helical mixer screwed onto the cartridge will.

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