coaxial cartridge

This type of cartridge consists of a cylindrical outer tube and a cylindrical inner tube within it, so that there are two separate chambers in a "tube-in-tube" arrangement (coaxial) with component A (in the outer tube) and component B (in the inner tube). are filled and each sealed with a piston.

The 2-component cartridge is squeezed out with a special squeeze gun using a static spiral mixer. This special dispensing gun, the dimensions of which are tailored to the diameter and volume of the 2-component cartridge, has a linkage with two thrust plates that is adapted to the coaxial "tube-in-tube" design of the cartridge.

During the squeezing process, the gun rods are simultaneously pushed in the axial direction into the outer and inner tubes of the cartridge, with one push plate pressing on the piston of the outer tube and the second on the piston of the inner tube. In this way, the components A and B in the outer and inner tube are conveyed out of the cartridge at the same time and mixed homogeneously by the static helical mixer screwed onto the cartridge.

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