Materials science

Our reaction mortars are based on four different chemical base variants. In addition, depending on their properties and components, the reaction mortars are offered in specially developed or further developed cartridge types. The properties and advantages of these variants are described in detail below:

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Cartridge technology

Coaxial cartridge

This type of cartridge consists of a cylindrical outer tube and a cylindrical inner tube inside it. inner tube.

styrene-containing / styrene-free

Epoxy acrylate resins

The next generation of unsaturated polyester resins

Pure Epoxy


Epoxy resin mortar for highest performance in post-installed reinforcement connections and heavy-duty fixings.

Cartridge technology

Peeler cartridges

The 2-component coaxial cartridge can be applied with a conventional silicone gun.

styrene-containing / styrene-free

Polyester resins

The classic reaction resin type used for the production of 2-component injection mortars.

Cartridge technology

Side-by-side cartridge

The cartridge type consists of two cylindrical tubes, The cartridge type consists of two cylindrical tubes which are arranged side-by-side and open into a coaxially constructed head piece.

Cartridge technology

Tubular film cartridge

With this cartridge type a 2-chamber tubular film with A- and B component in a 1-component cartridge.


Vinylester resins

The basis for the most versatile fastening options and the most diverse substrates.


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